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3 Quick Ways to Make the Most of Summer Treats with Organic Matcha Powder

Do you often try to wrap your mind around all the healthy superfoods appearing in your mail or social feed? If yes, then you need to know that there’s something more active and beneficial than those flax and chia seeds. Well, that is none other than “Matcha.” Believe it or not, matcha caffeine is taking an everlasting toll on restaurants, cafes, panties, and even home refrigerators.

With a vibrant color and fresh taste, the best organic matcha powder on those market shelves and even online marketplace has won millions of hearts. Instead of drinking it plain, we have put together 3 different ways you can enjoy Japanese Ceremonial Organic Matcha blends. Take a look.

#1 A Nutrient Rich Smoothie Bowl

As we all know, fresh and healthy smoothie bowls have topped the summer snacks list. Pick two bananas, two kiwis, and slice them. Let them freeze in a bowl for two hours. Now, put the frozen form into a blender while adding a big tablespoon of organic matcha powder and one full cup of almond milk. Blend it all until it becomes smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture into a bowl; top it with chia seeds, almonds, muesli, flax seeds, raspberries, and some coconut flakes. There you go for an instant smoothie bowl that is full of rich ingredients.

#2 Picking it up the Italian Way

If you have been lately looking for a recipe that is quite top-notch, what else can be better than having it just like a Tiramisu? Yes! The matcha caffeine has made room for a healthier counterpart in the form of a classic Italian dessert. All you need to do is mix the matcha powder with the cream base; rest, the recipe remains the same.

#3 Enjoying Summer Popsicles

It just takes 4-5 ingredients to create a yummy popsicle when it comes to indulging in summer treats. And, guess what? It is also believed that it is packed with nutrients, especially when it is created with the best organic matcha powder. Blend some coconut milk, agave nectar, and some matcha powder for the top half. While, keep mango, coconut milk, and lemon juice for the bottom half. Let it freeze, and you are all set to enjoy it. 

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